DeltaTrim Roofing Panels

Why choose DeltaTrim™ for your roofing project?

  • A single product providing roofing, insulation and ceiling
  • Large spans with less beams and structures required
  • A wide range of thicknesses available
  • Extensive range of roof colours
  • Superior thermal performance
  • Smooth ceiling matches existing structures
  • DeltaMax™ option available for corrosive environments

DeltaTrim™ provides an all-in-one solution of roofing, insulation and ceiling. With superior spanning capabilities compared to traditional roofing products, DeltaTrim™ is the cost effective and time efficient solution to your roofing projects.

DeltaTrim™ consists of three main components, a durable steel roof sheet. a choice of Expanded Polystyrene Fire Retardant (EPS-FR) or Polyisocyanurate (PIR) cores are available and a smooth, easy to clean ceiling finish, bonded together from the factory.

DeltaTrim™ comes with foam filled peaks – this reduces corrosion and stops vermin from entering the cavity.

The different alternative cores offer a high R-Values for thermal efficiency, excellent sound dampening properties and different Fire Ratings.
A range of thicknesses are available – from 50mm up to 250mm. Each increase in thickness offers greater spanning (over 8.5 metres) and insulating capabilities.

A DeltaTrim™ roof can be pitched at 2 degrees to create large covered areas with ease. The DeltaTrim™ panel is 1 metre wide which reduces both the number of sheets and time required to lay the roof.

DeltaTrim™ is available in 17 roof colours to match any existing structures, including zinc. A smooth, white ceiling creates consistency and matches existing structures.

DeltaMax™ DeltaTrim™ is also available for areas close to salt water. This product offers increased corrosion resistance compared to standard roofing and will outperform all other insulated panel products on the market.
DeltaTrim™ is available with DeltaBeam™.

Fully engineered and tested to Australian Standards, together with a 20 year warranty, DeltaTrim™ will stand the test of time in your roofing project.

See more information on DeltaTRIM colours, warranty and specifications.